Wheel Spacers - Quick Guide!

Wheel Spacers - Quick Guide!

Wheel Spacers - Quick Guide!

What do wheelspacers do?

Wheel spacers are commonly used in the modified car world for improving the cars track, fitting wheels with a different stud pattern and for aesthetics. Choosing the correct wheel spacers and transform your cars handling, stance and appearance. Superforma can provide a wide range of wheel spacers to meet pretty much any need or requirement you have, so take a look through our shop or have a look at getting some custom wheel spacers created to your exact specification.

Wheel spacers and offset.

A manufacturers of cars may use a different offset to another manufacturer, however with wheel spacers you can adapt your car's hubs so that you can fit a range of wheels that weren't initially designed for your car. By increasing the offset you can get wheels to fit better in the arches and fill the space better.

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Wheel Spacers and stud patterns.

Different cars use different stud patterns, both in different PCD and also in the number of studs. Most commonly, manufacturers use wither 4 or 5 studs on their cars, with a wheel spacer you can change this number from a 4 stud to a 5 stud and vice versa. Superforma has a range of PCD Adapter that can fit a variety of wheels to your car, plus with our custom wheel spacers the possibilities are endless.

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Wheel Spacers and safety.

As the your car only has contact to the road through your tyres, making sure that you use a wheel spacer correctly is very important. Wheel bolts and studs do hold the wheels onto your car, but most of the weight of the car site on the locating ring. A hubcentric wheel spacer is the safe option when you are using spacers that are wider than the locating ring as they help distributed the cars weight in a way that is safe. To make sure that the spacers are as safe as possible, it is recommended to use longer studs or bolts.

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