Ford Fiesta ST Wheel Spacers

Ford Fiesta ST Wheel Spacers

Ford Fiesta ST Wheel Spacers

The Ford Fiesta first appeared in 2005 and proved to be very popular successor to the fast Fiestas that went before it. The Fiesta ST then disappeared after 2008 before coming back in the Mk7 facelift. The Mk7 Fiesta ST has been winning quite a few group tests and proving far more popular than the older model ST with the motoring journalists. Even though the models are separated by 4 years, they both share the same PCD and Centrebore, 4x108 PCD and 63.4.

Bolt on and slip on wheel spacers.

Slip on wheel spacers offer thickness between 5mm and 25mm, 15mm and above have an outer centre bore lip of the same size as the hub. The bolt on wheel spacers offer spacing between 20mm and 60mm. For more information on our wheel spacers, please see our Wheel Spacers Explained page.

Ford Fiesta ST (Mk 6 - 2005 to 2008 & Mk7 2012 onwards)

Wheel Spacers Details

  • PCD : 4x108
  • CENTREBORE : 63.4
  • THREAD TYPE : M12x1.5
  • NUT OR BOLT : nut

This information is for UK/European vehicles, other countries may differ. This guide is a general example and some models may require different size wheel spacers, if you are unsure, please use our vehicle selector on our Wheel Spacers page.