Wheel Spacers Explained

Before ordering wheel spacers from Superforma for your vehicle, it might be worth reading our useful guides on the terminology used when talking about wheel spacers. It is important to ensure that you have spacers that are a perfect fit for your vehicle for both safety and ride comfort.

We supply a huge range of Wheel Spacers, including bolt-on and slip-on wheel spacers. Quality is important to us so every spacer is inspected and (if included) all studs checked before the wheel spacer is then individually wrapped. Our spacers are 100% 6082 billet aluminium, used for its weight and strength and milled from one piece of aluminium to ensure precision of fitments. Wheel spacers are ideal for clearing brake callipers/suspension rubbing that can happen when fitting aftermarket wheels, or just to help push your wheels out more to fill the arches and improve the look of your car.

Hubcentric Wheel Spacers.

All of our spacers and adapters are hubcentric, meaning that the weight of the car rests on the hubs and not the wheel studs. This means that our Superforma wheel spacers are safe whilst having no extra vibrations from the wheels.

PCD Adapter Wheel Spacers.

Our PCD adapter spacers are perfect if you want to fit wheels from other manufacturers to your vehicle. The PCD Adapters can also change 4 stud to 5 studs. These are a much cheaper option that a complete change of the hubs and brakes. By changing the PCD and the number of studs, you can open up your possibilities on the alloy wheels you can fit to your vehicle. Used for converting VW to Porsche and much more!

Change Your Offset.

Basically, offset is the distance from the exact centre of the wheel when viewing it in profile to the inside face of the bolt face on the alloy. Using spacers to adjust your offset means that you can have your wheels positioned exactly how you want in your arches.

Centre Bore.

The centre bore of an alloy wheel is the hole on the back of the wheel that fits over the hub's locating ring.