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What size spacer do I need, or what size do you recommend?


This is probably the most common question that we are asked and the following information should help you decide what size spacer you need.



For this example we'll use the following – Saab 93 with standard alloy wheels.

Firstly it's very difficult for us to specify what size spacer you will need for your vehicle. We always recommend that you spend some time measuring and checking to make sure you will be happy where the wheel sits. There are a few variables that you need to take into account. Where do I want the wheel to sit in the arch? Will my car be legal and no tyre tread showing outside of the wheel arch? Will by wheel catch the wheel arch or suspension components?


Below is a photo of the completely stock Saab 93 with standard alloy wheels.

Standard Saab Wheel

There are a few different ways to gauge what size spacer you require, you can sometimes work out the size by calculations of offsets and wheel widths but we would always recommend visually measuring with a tape measure and a straight piece of wood or spirit level.

You will need – spirit level/straight piece of wood and a tape measure. Another person to help you may make it easier.

Tape Measure & Spirit Level

Place the spirit level/piece of wood vertically against the wheel arch and make sure it stays in place, this is where another person may come in handy. Now take your tape measure and place it horizontally against the side wall of the tyre at the top you can then measure to the inside edge of the wood this will give you a measurement to bring the wheel completely flush to the outside edge of the arch.

Measuring with Spirit Level

Measuring with Spirit Level 1

If your arch has a small lip underneath you may need to take this into account to make sure the tyre doesn't catch, or as personal preference you may want the wheel to sit in a slightly different place. You can work back on the tape measure to figure where exactly you would like the wheel to sit.

Measuring Arch Lip

If you are fitting different alloys we would recommend fitting them before measuring as they may be a different offset or width. If you are unable to fit the wheel because it hits suspension components we would recommend packing between the wheel and hub, taking the thickness of this into account when measuring to get your spacer thickness. I.E packing thickness = 4mm and measurement = 19mm this would equate to a 25mm spacer.

If you are fitting alloys with a different PCD or centre bore size you may struggle to get the wheel to sit flush to the hub, if this is the case there are a few different options.

If your hub has wheel studs hold the wheel against the wheel studs and take your measurement as above, you will then need to add the length of your studs to the measurement you have taken.

If the centre bore size of the new wheel is smaller than the hub you will need to hold the wheel against the centre bore and take your measurement as above, you will then need to add the depth of your centre bore to the measurement you have taken.